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Create An Account

Why create an account?

An account is required to:

  • View information containers
  • Be notified when a container is ready to be delivered by truck
  • Be notified when a ship arrives or leaves one of our terminals
  • Access documents guarantees

Depending on the type of your company:

  • View information of contracts
  • Be notified when a container is loaded onto a ship
  • Some personalized reports for your type of company

How to create an account?

Steps to create an account:

  1. Complete the form.
  2. The system sends you an email.
  3. Click on the included link in the email. This step validates the accuracy of the address.
  4. The administrator is notified of the request for account creation.
  5. If everything is in order, the account will be activated. You will receive an email including your password.

Specific information relating to trucking companies

Your trucking company must be registered in our system before you can create a web account. You can use the search page to see if your company is registered.

Otherwise, please follow the instructions contained in the document “Procedure to register a trucking company.”