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Mission, vision and values


Specializing in the handling of shipping containers transported between international markets and domestic industrial centers on behalf of shipping lines, MGT engages qualified and experienced personnel and uses ultra-modern equipment to offer a service founded on reliability, consistency and compliance with its commitments. MGT additionally ensures a customer experience based on quality business relationships, accessibility and customization.

Environmentally conscious, MGT contributes to the well-being of society through the implementation of innovative approaches for the protection of the environment.


By 2020, MGT will be recognized as the premier terminal in North America for container handling. MGT will also be known for providing the most efficient service and best customer attention with the noted efforts of all its employees, all of its managers and the exceptional contributions of all of its stakeholders.


  • Partnership : collaboration to carry out concerted actions for profitability, business development, customer satisfaction, and attention to employees;
  • Integrity : client and staff approaches based on MGT’s core principles (loyalty, openness, collaboration, in-house solutions);
  • Efficiency : ability to produce expected outcome, desired gain and anticipated productivity with flexibility;
  • Respect : MGT is dedicated to its customers, employees and stakeholders and is committed to taking their needs and expectations into account;
  • Service : constant and reliable with a prevailing respect for commitments and a positive customer experience.