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How do I register to NET/Gate ?

By clicking on “Create an account” at the welcome page (‘Member’ section) and by filling up the electronic form.

  1. Submit the form;
  2. The system sends an email to the specified address, you must click the link included in the message. This validates the accuracy of your e-mail address;
  3. The web site administrator is notified that a new account is created,  will carry out the verification and activation;
  4. Once the account is activated, you will be notified by email. The confirmation message will contain your password.

After signing up, how long does it take to activate my profile ?

Your profile will be activated within the next 48 hours.I forgot my user profile and/or passwordRetrieve it from the recover password page

How to access letters of guarantee / late gate?

To view this type of documents, you must be a registered user of our website. Once logged in, letters of guarantee and late gate form are in the ‘Tariff‘ menu under ‘List of tariffs’ option.

Why are certain screens (options) not appearing on my system ?

There are varying levels of security within NET/Gate. Users can see some of the information within the NET/Gate application without logging in. Registered users will see different screen configurations with more functionality than non-registered ones. Additionally, security for different data elements is determined by the user’s specific company reference.

Is there any charge for using NET/Gate system ?

No, there is no charge.

How do I know when truck gates are opened ?

The information for the current day and for the week to come are directly found on the welcome page. By clicking on “More…” at the welcome page, you will have access to our complete calendar.

Why become a member of UIIA ?

UIIA – Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access

If a Motor Carrier is member of UIIA, it will confirm to the Equipment Providers (Shipping Lines) various insurance liability and contact informations. It also reduces the number of insurance filing that the Motor Carrier must provide to show proof of various coverage’s.

Each Motor Carrier record is cross-referenced against Equipment Providers requirements to determine whether the Motor Carrier is valid to conduct business with that Equipment Provider.

Both Motor Carriers and Equipment Providers have access to real-time Motor Carrier status information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Internet.

To become a member of UIIA click here: