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FAQ - Guarantess

How do I guarantee charges to Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership?

To guarantee charges, a valid user ID and password is required.
Once registered and signed in, select the corresponding letter of guarantee found under our “Tariff” menu .
Complete the required fields and press the SUBMIT button at the end of the form. An email will automatically be received and treated by the respective release department.

To whom should I guarantee the charges to?

Any charges appearing on our website should be guaranteed directly to Montreal Gateway Terminals Services Corp.

By selecting the letter of guarantee related to the charge, your request to cover charges will be submitted to the appropriate department.

Where should payment be sent to?

Payment should be sent to:

Montreal Gateway Terminals
305 Curatteau
Montreal, Quebec H1L 6R6

For alternate payment methods, please contact

When will my container be available?

If your container is being held for payment reasons only, the container should be updated within 5-10 minutes of your letter of guarantee submission.

If your container is being held for reasons other than payment, please contact your shipping line for further assistance.