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Section 62: Efficiency & Reliability

Section 62 facility is one of two established anchor terminals of Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership. Sixty acres in size, the terminal boasts an operational efficiency that is the envy of many. With five high-speed ship-to-shore gantry cranes along with expansive cargo container parks boasting 24-hour nonstop operations, the terminal provides exceptional rapid turnaround of client vessels.

The terminal has four rail tracks on-site capable of accommodating the equivalent of 130 container cars in either single or double stack profiles.

Equipment & Services

  • Five high-speed ship-to-shore gantry cranes with a capacity of 40 to 60 metric tons.
  • Nine diesel-electric-powered rubber-tyred yard gantry cranes, with a capacity of 40 metric tons.
  • Treize diesel-powered front-end loaders, with a capacity of 40 tons and able to stack 20 to 48 foot containers, five-high.
  • Forty-two yard tractors and container chassis.
  • Complete reefer facilities for up to 276 containers.
  • Fully equipped maintenance facility for terminal equipment including welding, electronics and hydraulics.
  • Experienced, reliable labor force for round-the-clock operation.
  • Backup service crews to trouble-free operation.