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OCR Portal Solution – Trucking Service

Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership (MGTP) is pleased to announce that the installations of the lane OCR Portal solution are operational and available to the entire trucking community.

For Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership and the Port of Montreal, these significant operational improvements will have a positive impact on our customers and the services we provide, resulting in a faster trucker check-in experience and accelerate turn times.

The OCR Portal system will contribute to accelerate the transaction times by modifying our existing process(s) and introducing state of the art technology that will enable faster access.

The combination of technology-based solutions that will contribute to the implementation of Truck Gates OCR consists of three core components:

  • A Web Application – PreGate Customer Service Portal
  • OCR Camera portals
  • Automated gate kiosks

We encourage you to review the following information to learn more about new OCR processes and technology changes:

OCR Process Introduction (English) 

OCR Process Introduction (French)

Truck Driver’s Handbook : The new version of the Trucker’s Guide contains important updates and instructions on new OCR procedures

Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation and support. This important investment is a further testament of our commitment to provide the highest level of service to our partners in the trucking community.


Terminal hours during St-Jean Baptiste and Canada Day

Please note that June 24th both terminal will be closed for 24 hours.
Terminals will reopen Tuesday morning 06:00 am.
There is no change for July 1st; regular business hours.

Administrative Protocols – Extended Gate Hours Service Fee

Further to our publication of July 13th, 2018 relating to the extended truck gate operating hours , enclosed is a descriptive notice of the administrative aspects and protocols of this related service fee.

Administrative Protocols


Extended Gate Operating Hours – Notice to all Partners

Following MGT’s decision to maintain extended operating hours, please find enclosed details of this advisory

Extended Truck Gate Operating Hours




2018 Holiday Schedule – Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Canada Day

Holiday Schedule Update:

Please be advised that terminal truck gates will be closed Monday June 25 and Monday July 2, 2018 

Important Terminal Policy Advisory – Seals and Placards

In preparation for implementation of  our OCR portal lanes which are expected to bring noteworthy improvements to the fluidity of our gate process thus reducing truck wait times, kindly be advised that effective Monday May 14,  2018, the following polices will be mandatory for all containers arriving by truck, moving through Montreal Gateway Terminals – Section 62 and 77.

Seals: Both full exports and empty containers are required to be affixed with a seal, prior to terminal gate entry, for which the number must be provided to the trucking agent at the time of the ticket transaction. Effective this date, seals will no longer be provided by the Terminals of MGTP.

Export Hazardous Cargo: Placards appropriate to the dangerous goods being carried, must be visible on the container prior      to terminal gate entry. All other placards, not pertaining to the goods, must also be removed. This applies to empty returns, as well.

Import hazardous placards will continue to be affixed by the terminal operator, if necessary, based on operational requirements.

Effective Monday May 14, 2018, transactions not in compliance with the above policies in place, may result in the unit being refused entry, until within full conformity with terminal standards.

As we continue to work to exceed industry standards for what concerns trucking services, we thank you for your essential collaboration.

2018 Holiday Schedule – Victoria Day Monday May 21, 2018

Holiday Schedule Update:

Please be advised that terminal truck gates will be closed Victoria Day Monday May 21, 2018

New trucking hours from May 14 to June 29

MGTP has taken the decision jointly with other Port of Montreal terminals to extend trucking hours. This will allow us to retrieve the data needed to perform a good analysis of the truckers’ work habits and to make the right decisions for the future.

So, from Monday, May 14, 2018 to Friday, June 29, 2018 inclusively.

The opening hours will be as follows;

06 :00-07 :00-07 :00-15 :00-15 :00-19 :00

Important Notice – Section 62 Truck Gate Hours

As part of our implementation to the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Truck Lane Portal systems, civil works have commenced at Section 62 truck gates which are expected to continue through mid-May.

As result Section 62 will be operating with limited truck gate access, reduced from 9 gates to 7 gates.

In order to ensure that all trucks are serviced with limited impact, Section 62 truck gates will remain open until 22h00, at no added costs, Monday through Friday, for the duration of the work.

2018 Easter Schedule Notice – Friday March 30, 2018

Please be advised that truck gates will be closed Friday March 30, 2018 – Good Friday